The Mission

An organization dedicated to providing the ultimate driving experiences in North America.


What we do

The greatest “Road Trips” in North America. This is what the Rally North America’s delivers.

You connected to your vehicle, immersed some of the most scenically stunning and technically challenging routes and back roads America has to offer.

Rally North America believes the destination is only a part of any journey and is no more important than any other part. The route chosen can be more rewarding, educational, and satisfying for those that take the time to choose the route wisely.

Routes are chosen that deliver history, scenic beauty, and a driving experience that will prove to be second to none.

These drives combined with “track time” on some of the nations more challenging racing facilities and a few passes at a drag strip combine to make a Rally North America event a trip that any auto enthusiast will talk about for years to come.

The Story

Every good organization has one, a story, and this is ours.

Established in the winter of 2009, Rally North America is an organization, aimed at bringing automotive enthusiasts from all over the United States and Canada, together for the purpose of Auto rallying. Each rally organized by Rally North America carries a common idea, driving for a cause. Rally North America believes that by combining the love of the automotive lifestyle and a worthy charity organization, it is possible to do something “good” through the automotive hobby.

A lot of you may have wondered or have asked how Rally North America became what we are today, well here is our story:

When a group of like minded individuals gets together, good things can happen and when it does it’s no accident.

 July 10th 2009

A group of us gear heads, as Mike likes to call us, decided to participate in a “Fan” Cruise in support of large road rally. We had a good representation of teams:

  • Team Bullitt – Jeff & Gail Rushing
  • Team Pontiac -Trevor Walmer
  • Team Hellrot – Dan Carpenter & Matt Bercik
  • Team VW Jetta – Andrew Preston
  • Team SuperCoupe – Chris Landis
  • Team Danger – Tony Intrieri & Aaron Johnson
  • Team RX8 – Mike Schlee & Little Matthew
  • TeamGTO Scott Spielman & Team Die Hard’s wives (We’ll never tell)

Tony did his part setting up the route and lodging arrangements for the entire group. Our rally was on, we departed New York City and headed south through New Jersey on our way to the Beach in Ocean City Maryland. We had a few stops setup along the way, but ended up on the beach a few hours later. Once we got to the condo the party started. The question came up.. why couldn’t we do our own rally?? Why not? Right…???   The next morning we parted ways and the thought of our own rally fresh in the minds of all of us…   and a few months later, the workings of Rally North America began to fall in place. In the mean time Tony and Aaron made it into reality TV show history participating in an epic journey in its own right. Upon Tony’s return Scott and Tony established the foundation of Rally North America.

Mike Schlee the original brainchild behind our website gave us the launching pad to propel Rally North America into the future!

Rally North America isn’t about crossing the finish line with a land speed world record. We are about having a great time, making new friends and helping those in need with our passion… our cars and trucks. Nothing better than the open road with some of the nicest and most generous people you will ever meet. Guaranteed!

 Rally North America / Rally North America Charities LLC
Organizational Information

President/CEO: Scott Spielman        VP Operations: Tony Intrieri
Rally Sponsorships: Tony Intieri
Rally Customer Relations:  Scott Spielman/Mike Schlee
Video Productions By: The Mob Theory & TJ Fry/The Smoking Tire
 Editor: Mike Schlee
Webmasters: Chris Harper, Scott Spielman